Basia’s Top Ten Things To Do in Turks and Caicos

Alrightie.  I’ve been asked so many times what my favorite things to do on island are, which led me to create my favorite Top Ten Things to do in Turks and Caicos Islands.  Go for it and let me know how it ‘went’!


1. Eat!
I know, you were expecting to see something about the world famous turquoise waters of Grace Bay Beach in the number one spot, but when living in  Turks and Caicos, a top priorty becomes searching out fun things to do, and that includes finding great deals on meals! Now you can try the usual suspects like Coyaba and Coco Bistro for a wonderful experience, but bring cash for the privilege as you’ll pay a minimum of $100 per person. It will be money well spent, but when your goal is to taste all that Provo has to offer, such a nightly price tag might be high for most of us on vacay!!
My favorite places for dinner are Bay Bistro or Le Bouchon du Village, where you can dine deliciously and reasonably for some $50-$60 per person. Bay Bistro has the added advantage of being right on the beach, while Le Bouchon is right smack in the middle of all the action in Grace Bay!
Since spending tons of money eating out is not high on my list of things to do, over the years, I’ve searched out local places for food that is yummy and inexpensive. Chinson’s has the best jerk chicken and beef on the Island, and Mr. Groupers has some of the best steamed fish or fried chicken that you can imagine! Hemmingway’s is also pretty good and kids seem to love it. The Flamingo Cafe (or Ricky’s Cafe to the locals) is right on the beach and is fun for lunch or dinner. The grouper sandwich is great! You can walk right in off the beach barefoot, in your bathing suit, and enjoy the laid back atmosphere. There’s often music and dancing at night. A great local hangout.
Lemon2Go is spectacular for their array of gifts, flowers and yummylicious coffee.  Their chef (they cater) also offers a fresh array of healthy fare, including sandwiches, salads, and delicious pastries.
Graceway Gourmet has lots of variety for lunch…create your own salad at the salad bar or try some of the hot stuff they cook everyday. It’s a great place to stop for a quicky lunch before heading out to the beach. Try the jerk chicken pasta salad. I take it home and heat it up in a pan…delicious!
Head on over to the world famous Conch Shack for the best rum punch on the Island! It’s right on the beach in beautiful Blue Hills and you can watch how they get the conch out of its shell.
Now these places are not high end but they will satisfy your hunger at a price that will leave you some extra coin to use for other activities.
2. Explore the Beaches!
Grace Bay Beach is of course the most well-known and renowned beach here in Provo and it deserves to be! The water is stupid clear and a vision to behold. Check out these pictures of Grace Bay Beach:
Grace Bay is where all the resorts are but even in high season it never feels crowded here. If you’re looking for something a little more private though there are some superb out of the way beaches that you can explore. My favorite is Pelican Beach in Leeward.  The first time I sat down in the white sand and looked out to the horizon and saw the color of this beach, I felt like I’d come home!
3. Party!
You read that right! I said party! The first time I visited some 30 years ago,  there was nowhere to go if you wanted to party beyond Smokey’s on the Beach. Now, most of the restaurants and resorts have something going on each week and/or month and the Island Fish Fry every Thursday night at the Bight Park is a blast!
Then you have Sand Bar, which is the most popular and happening place on island to go most nights to find a crowd.  You just might find a group of locals and expats from around the world guzzling drinks and singing. Danny Buoy’s has live music, Karaoake night and various other things going on. Best thing to do is follow this blog to find out when special events and parties are taking place.
4. Snorkel! Snuba! Scuba Dive!

Before coming to Turks and Caicos some 30 years ago, I had never snorkeled in my life. First time I tried it I thought I was going to drown so I practiced snorkeling in a pool before heading into the open water again. Looked a little silly doing so but it worked and now I love to snorkel! You can choose to take a half-day or full-day snorkeling cruise where all the equipment is supplied or you can snorkel right off the beach at Coral Gardens. If you have never been scuba diving you might want to try Snuba Diving. Snuba bridges the gap between snorkeling and diving. The diving tank stays on a raft and you get to breathe underwater without all the heavy equipment. Great for all family members! Of course, scuba diving is huge in Turks and Caicos! These Islands have been consistently mentioned as one of the top ten places to dive in the world. There are some great diving outfits that will cater to your diving wishes. You can dive at night, dive with the gloworms, dive all day…half a day…whatever floats your boat! 5. Explore North and Middle Caicos! I love Provo, I really do,  but I also harbor a strong weakness for North and Middle Caicos! Caribbean Cruisin’  started a new Discovery Tour and Treasure Hunt excursion this November! Take the ferry over to North Caicos with a local guide and explore all the incredible sites there are to see on these two Islands. Not only will you get to see awesome, beautiful Mudjin Harbor but you’ll also get to go on a treasure hunt! 6. Walk a Potcake on the beach! Head on over to Potcake Place and take a peek at some beautiful potcake puppies that you can take for a walk on the beach! Who knows, you just might end up adopting one of these incredible Island dogs to bring home with you! Even if you don’t, you will have everyone on the beach coming up and talking to you about the puppy…it’s a great way to meet people!

mermaid josie 2

7. Take a ride on the good ship Atabeyra or visit with Bella the Mermaid!

This schooner is my favorite boat in all of Turks and Caicos! You can go on a half day or full day trip, take a sunset cruise, a glow worm cruise or get married aboard this magnificent boat. Every couple of months the Atabeyraheads out to a deserted Island and has a huge party on the beach complete with a DJ and food. That is a party not to be missed.

Or for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, book your Turks & Caicos adventure on the UnderSea Explorer with ‘real-life’ Bella the Mermaid (video link) Josie is a free diving instructor and underwater tour guide living in Turks and Caicos who inspires and entertains kids and adults alike with a special mermaid visitor.    


8. Go Fishing!

Okay, so I’m not into fishing but a day out on a boat with rum punch and a great group of folks is my kinda day! I also love eating fish! And there isn’t anything better than cooking up a fish that you just pulled up fresh from the water! You can book all sorts of fishing trips here in Turks and Caicos. There’s deepsea fishing, bottom fishing, light tackle trolling, shark fishing, bonefishing, night fishing, etc. If fishing is your thing, you’ll definitely love doing it here and Panoply is the favorite amongst all my clients for the past two years running.


9. Stay in a Private Villa!

Choose your own personal and private piece of paradise by renting a Turks and Caicos Villa. Go all out and get all your needs attended to by your own personal concierge and your own personal chef! Talk about luxury. Villa Del Sol has got to be my favorite Turks and Caicos Villa of all time. It is stupid beautiful! The views are magnificent and are the stuff dreams are made of. Imagine looking out at that view while receiving an incredibly relaxing massage after which you sit sipping a cocktail watching the sunset as your chef prepares a meal for you. Shut up! How cool would that be. Love, love, love it!

10. Do Nothing!

Oh yeah…sit on the beach, rum punch in hand gazing out into the incredible turquoise waters and daydream. This is one of my favorite activities. I often do this and will close my eyes for a moment and when I open them again I am still awed by the beauty before me. It’s hard to believe that being in the Turks and Caicos Islands, surrounded by its warm, wonderful, turquoise water and its friendly folks is not just a dream that I might wake from one day soon. Fortunately, I haven’t woken up yet!

Whatever your tastes or preferences, do try out at least half of my top ten things to do in the Turks and Caicos Islands~

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