Dining Guide TCI by Where When How Magazine

Eager to know where to dine when you visit Providenciales in TCI? If you want tips on all the restaurants in TCI, the TheDining Guide by WhereWhenHow TCI Magazine  is where you want to look. Their Dining Guide TCI provides the scoop on all the restaurants available for your dining pleasure!  WhenWhenHow is the premier […]

Iriedawta Events creates authentic island cuisine in the comfort of your vacation rental

If you’re looking to enjoy a true island foodie experience in the comfort of your vacation rental, look no further.  Turks & Caicos private Chef Iriedawta, owner of Iriedawta Events, will create delicious and authentic island cuisine just for you and your family. “Chef Iriedawta offers great cuisine on location, ranging from one-bite appetizers to vegan entrees and easy, […]