Rental Policies

Rates, Price Changes, Booking Agreements and Rental Policies

The Turks and Caicos villas listed on this website are all private residences and Owners may change their policies, booking terms and/or service agreement terms, furniture and/or rates at any time, for any reason, the whole without notice.  Rates, however, may not be changed once the booking agreement has been signed.


If you are interested in booking one of our Turks & Caicos vacation properties, please visit our Villa Reservation page. Within 24 hours of our initial contact via your reservation request, a rental agreement will be sent to you for completion and return. At this point, the accommodation will be put on hold for 72 hours awaiting your completion and return of the agreement.

Payments Schedule

A 50% deposit that must be received within 7 days of the rental agreement being sent to the Tenant to confirm the dates as being held on Tenant behalf, with the balance due no later than 60 days prior to Tenant arrival on island.  If the remaining payment is not received sixty (60) days prior to arrival on island, the booking will automatically be deemed cancelled by the Tenant with no refund due. The Rental Agreement is not fully executed until all monies due are paid in full as per payment terms herein.

In the case of agents, a Proforma Invoice (supplied by TPM’s office) must be completed and returned at the time of the hold.  A 50% deposit is due within 7 days of the hold being accepted (or the hold will be released to other clients waiting in line), with the balance due in full 60 days prior to the Tenant arriving on island. If the remaining payment is not received sixty (60) days prior to arrival on island, the booking will automatically be deemed cancelled with no refund due. No bookings are considered fully executed until all funds are received by TPM as per the terms herein.


For any cancellation made from 60 days up to the date of arrival, there is no refund of any portion of the Total Rental Fee. For any cancellation within 70 to 60 days prior to arrival, the deposit paid is non-refundable. Please note that all Christmas bookings are non-refundable in the event of cancellation at any time and the full amount owing is payable. In the event of a cancellation anytime up to 70 days prior to arrival, $250 or 10% of the total booking fee (whichever is greater) will be deducted from the deposit paid. Wire and credit card fees already paid will not be included in the refund. The Tenant is therefore strongly urged to take Travel Insurance.

Optional Air con

Air con usage at our villas are for the most part optional.  Should you choose this option, meters are read on arrival and on departure, and you will be charged the going island rate during the time of your stay. Fortis TCI charges a base rate combined with a fluctuating fuel factor. To learn what that fluctuating rate is, please visit their website during the time of your stay.

Security and Damage Deposits

In lieu of security deposits, our Owners have opted to have Tenants complete a Statement of Liability ( as per terms below), securing same with a credit card. After your villa meet, greet and orientation, you will be asked to complete the a Statement Of Liability, presenting a credit card (MasterCard or Visa) as security, the number and expiry date only to be included on the Statement of Liability. While charges are generally only used to pay for metered air con (if applicable), additional costs may be incurred during your stay, as an example, but not limited to, the following, which include reported and/or unreported damages to the property.


1. Damage over and above normal wear and tear: While there will be no charge for minor damage, the Tenant will be held responsible for any damages, including those unreported and discovered post departure. Should any such damage occur, the Tenant will call Tranquility Property Management Ltd (TPM) at 231-1474 and/or email Be aware that not reporting damages neither vacates nor limits liability; 2. Excessive cleaning on departure: The tenant shall be held responsible if excessive cleaning is necessary on Tenant departure.  3.  If property is not vacated by 11:00 AM on day of departure: Understanding that the villa is generally on a back to back booking, there is no late checkout permitted unless given in writing.  Any delay past 11 am will be charged at $150/hr. While there are times an early check-in and/or a late check-out can be granted, which we will happily provide, said permission must be granted in writing. 4. Sewer Blockage: Unlike city sewer systems, villas have an independent sewage processing system.  If a paper towel, facial tissue, baby wipes, excessive toilet paper, or feminine hygiene product is flushed down the toilet, the system will jam causing an unpleasant backup in the house as well as a costly repairs at Tenant cost. Additionally, certain food items such as pineapple and artichokes are not to be put down the disposal (if applicable).  If you are not certain which food items can go into the disposal, it is best not to use it for those items. 5. Water damage resulting from doors and/or windows being left open:  In the event a heavy rain occurs and water enters the property causing damage due to guest leaving property vulnerable by failing to close all windows and doors, repairs are at Tenant cost. 6. Damage to washing and/or drying machines:  Overloading these machines damages the rollers and/or drums, attracting repairs/or landed replacement at Tenant cost. 7. Water Loss: Water losses caused by renter not immediately reporting a running toilet, sink drip, any leak, etc. These losses can be very expensive and will be at Tenant cost. 8. Draining the main gas tank servicing entire property (if applicable): Draining the property tank by failing to close BBQ valve will be at Tenant cost. 9. Damage to fridge rendering it inoperable: Failure to ensure fridge doors are properly closed after each use rendering it inoperable attract repairs and/or landed replacement at Tenant cost. 10. The loss of villa keys and/or safe keys and/or remotes: Should the keys (if applicable) be lost or be found missing at departure, as a matter of security, all door barrel locks will be replaced at Tenant cost to ensure the security of incoming guests. Should the safe key be lost (if applicable), the safe will be removed and a new safe will be installed at Tenant cost.  Should a security remote or a gate remote (if applicable) be lost, they will be replaced and reprogrammed at Tenant cost. 11. Improper use of Jacuzzi (if applicable): Any damages caused by entering the Jacuzzi with sand on the Tenant’s person or swim suits, not turning off lights and/or jets when not in use, not lowering temperature to 90 degrees and covering unit when not in use, or using the oval shaped air vent fixtures around the rim as hand holds causing them to break off. will be repaired at Tenant cost. 12. Improper use of window louvers causing damage (if applicable): Damages caused by the improper opening and closing of the window louvers (contrary to written instructions) will be at Tenant cost. 13. Damage to air conditioning system: Any damage caused to the units as a result of negligent use will be at Tenant cost. Damage to linens and beach towels caused by washing whites and colored fabrics together and/or using bleach.  Damaged/missing linens will be replaced at Tenant cost. Arrivals Meet and Greet is performed at the villa, save and except in the case of guests arriving at night. For night arrivals, you will be met at the airport with the arrival agent holding a sign bearing your name. The agent will lead the way to the villa as you follow by rental car or taxi For all other arrivals, you will be sent directions to the villa and a meeting time will be arranged at the villa, the whole confirmed in writing. Please respect the time agreed upon to avoid your check in being pushed back. 15: Damage to dishwashers:  Please rinse off food products from all dishes prior to placing in dishwasher to avoid costly repair charges.

Check In Times

Check In is at 4.00 pm. While early check in is not guaranteed, please check with us shortly before your arrival on island if early check in is desired. Any authorized early check in must be agreed upon in writing.

For your arrival, unless you are coming in at night, you will be sent directions to the villa and a meeting time will be arranged at the villa and confirmed in writing. Please respect the time agreed upon to avoid your check in being pushed back.

For night arrivals, if you have rented a car, you will be met at the airport with the arrival agent holding a sign bearing your name. The agent will lead the way to the villa as you follow by rental car.

If you are arriving by night and taking a taxi, a meeting time will be arranged at the villa.  Please make sure to print the directions sent you and provide them to the taxi driver as most are not familiar with the myriad villas available for rent.

Check Out Times

Check Out is at 10:00 am. Every member of your party and all their possessions must be removed from the rental by that time. If possible, we will be delighted to provide late check out if there is no back to back booking.  Naturally, this must be agreed upon in writing during the time of your stay as it is possible that last minutes bookings are taken. Guests staying past check out time will be charged as noted above.

Travel Insurance

Tranquility Property Management recognizes that the unforeseen may happen in life, and as a result, an unpredictable circumstance may force you to alter your Turks and Caicos villa vacation plans. As such, we recommend Travel Insurance on all private Caribbean villa rentals and vacation home accommodations.

Weddings and Private Functions in Vacation Rental Villas

Some villas in our collection permit weddings or private functions but only with prior written approval. Given that all our villas are private homes in residential neighborhoods, it goes without saying that the property rented must be used for recreational purposes only, the whole in a manner that is lawful and non-offensive to neighbors.

Occupancy by Numbers

Unless otherwise stated or agreed upon in writing, our Owners adhere to a strict maximum of 2 persons per bedroom.  If the maximum number of persons is exceeded without prior written approval, you may be asked to pay an additional fee per person over the maximum, decrease the number of occupants, or the entire party may be subject to eviction at their own expense without refund of any kind.

Tax & Service Charge

The Government of Turks and Caicos Islands applies a 12% Accommodation Tax on all island villa rentals. This charge is not included in our Turks and Caicos villa rental rates and will be applied at time of booking. We do not automatically include a Service Charge in your villa rental.  If you are happy with the service provided, please feel free to leave monetary thanks.  These funds go fully to the staff that worked the villa during your stay and they will be deeply appreciative.


Tranquility Property Management Ltd acts only as agent for accommodations and assumes no responsibility for any contractual agreements and/or concierge services undertaken or paid for between any outside booking agency and their respective clients for a Turks and Caicos villa rental managed by Tranquility. Tranquility further assumes no responsibility for property loss or damage to any vacation homes, nor liability for injury, accident, delay or irregularity, which may be occasioned either by reason or defect in any vehicle or acts of any company or person engaged in conveying passengers to or from their accommodations. If for any reason beyond its control, including force majeure or the sale of the house, Tranquility is forced to cancel the booking made by the client or his agent, best efforts will be made to offer another Turks and Caicos property of equivalent standard with which the client will be in agreement. If the price of the alternative rental property is less, the difference will be refunded to the client, but if the price is higher, the client must pay the difference. If, however, no agreement can be reached, both parties are entitled to cancel. Tranquility will refund to the client only the villa rental price paid; no other amounts will become due.


Travelers’ Choice rated Providenciales the #1 island in the world.

Dynamic growth continues to transform the demographic profile of the Turks and Caicos Islands in a very positive way.

While there is no active construction adjacent to our properties, there might be new construction in the area.

This however should not affect the privacy or quality of your stay.

Given development on the island, Tranquility cannot guarantee that there is no ongoing construction or renovation work in the vicinity of your Turks and Caicos rental. Given that these circumstances are beyond any owner’s control, no refunds will be offered or given.